A leaked image of an unreleased version of Logic Pro X appeared on the Apple education website. The image consists of a MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019 model that includes the addendum of the Live Loops feature that is only available in GarageBand right now. The feature is unreleased and it is seemingly rare for Apple to accidentally expose an unreleased image, version or product on their website.

The feature can only be used in Mac in Logic Pro X with lesser functionality and requires a Live Loops project shared from the GarageBand for iOS app. Live Loops was originally introduced to the iOS version of GarageBand in January 2016, in iOS 9.1. The feature is used to create music by tapping cells and columns in grids to trigger looped instruments and samples. These consist of loop templates created by Apple, in multiple genres from EDM, hip hop, dubstep and rock. Users can also create their own instrumental loop samples and download Sound Packs from other users to add in their sound library.

The last update of Logic Pro X was three months ago, with version number 10.4.8. Changes and fixes to the update include minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Apple usually updates Logic Pro X every three months and as of now, it has to be the time that Apple will release another update to the app. This leaked image was first reported Sunday morning on the Apple education webpage but after a few hours as of the report, the Cupertino company replaced the speculated image with the current version instead.

(Image via Apple.)