Today Apple released iOS 13.4. In the patch notes, it can be seen that they patched a very important exploit regarding the jailbreak scene. Below is a picture of the notes.

Patch notes found in iOS 13.4 update

The key thing to read in this note is the impact this Kernal has. It writes,” A malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.”

This is a similar note that we saw in the last update for iOS 13.3.1, which led to the release of a jailbreak for all older iOS 13 updates.

There has not been any news sent out by any jailbreak developers, but it would be my guess that we will hear something from them in the coming weeks.

As I said is my last post, the most important thing is that you DO NOT update to iOS 13.4 if you are waiting to jailbreak. Because the Kernal noted in this update has been patched.

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