in addition to offering many of its employees the ability to work from home this week, Apple is also taking steps to ensure the well-being of its retail worker. 9to5mac. has learned that Apple hourly employees, including retail workers, are getting unlimited sick leave if they experience COVID-19 symptoms.

Apple retail workers are not required to submit a doctor’s note for this time off. This means that if they experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms they can take the time that need without having to worry about running out of sick days or providing a note to management.

As of right now, Apple retail stores are staying open during the coronavirus outbreak. Apple, however is implementing crowd control measures to reduce density, such as limiting Genius Bar opening and canceling many Today at Apple sessions.

Over the weekend Tim Cook sent a memo to Apple employees about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Cook told workers at Apple offices in California, Seattle, South Korea, Japan, Italy Germany, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom that they can work from home this week if their “job allows” for it. Retail stores are staying open to shrive Apple customers, Cook said.

The coronavirus situation is evolving at a rapid place, and its always possible Apple ends up closing retail stores or dramatically reducing hours. It’s also possible that policies currently in place change on a daily or case-by-case basis.