With the recent release of unc0ver, there are many different ways to install a jailbreak onto your device. With Apple constantly revoking many of the easy, “no computer” methods, it is sometimes difficult to find a method that works.

In this tutorial I will show you how to install unc0ver using a computer, but in the end use, and sign, unc0ver without one.

How to Jailbreak

For this jailbreak, head over to your computer and install AltStore. The purpose of AltStore is for you to be able to resign applications with your Mac, or Windows device whenever your iPhone is connected to the same WiFi. I find that the actual process of resigning apps can be very difficult. So I have a method that allows you to install unc0ver using AltStore, but then resign it without it.

  1. Download AltStore (macOS 10.14.4+ or Windows 10)
  2. Plug in your Apple Device to the computer, trust it.
  3. Open iTunes and make sure your device is visible in that menu
  4. Open AltServer (In menu bar, mac) (Notifications, windows)
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID
  6. Navigate to install AltStore, and select your iOS device. Wait.

You now no longer need your computer:

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings
  2. Naviagate to General>Device Management>(your apple id email)
  3. Trust the AltStore App
  4. Go to the unc0ver website on your iPhone, and download the latest version of unc0ver
  5. Click downloads (top right of Safari)
  6. Select Share, on the second menu down, swipe to more, and select copy to AltStore
  7. Go through the steps and install unc0ver

You now no longer need AltStore (keep it installed to download unc0ver updates):

  1. Put your iPhone in airplane mode and open the unc0ver application
  2. Click jailbreak, this could take 3-15 seconds. (It may prompt you to restart your device. When it is restarted, go back to unc0ver and select jailbreak again.)
  3. You are now jailbroken

I will now show you how to install a tweak, that will allow you to sign unc0ver without AltServer:

  1. Open Cydia, go to the sources tab
  2. Select EDIT>ADD
  3. Enter this repo into the text box: repo.daus.ch
  4. Install “ReProvision”
  5. Once the installation is completed open the ReProvision app
  6. Sign into your Apple ID
  7. On the main menu you will see apps that can be signed. Select unc0ver, and sign.

You will need to sign applications at least once every 7 days, to prevent them from being revoked.

Keep AltStore installed on your device. That way you can install unc0ver again, using the same method (no computer needed), whenever an update is released.

There are many tweaks that you can install now that you are jailbroken. I find the best way to find tweaks is to go to youtube. Many people have made helpful videos allowing you to see the tweaks before downloading.

Many tweaks are free, but know, there are also plenty of tweaks that you must pay for. So please take that into consideration when searching for new tweaks. Have fun!