Usually, if you sign up for Apples Heart Studies or any other study, its voluntary and does not really benefit you in any way. However, Apple is offering Apple Watches as low as $49 to seniors if they enroll in one of Apple’s Heart Studies.

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According to Business Insider, Apple has partnered up with Johnson & Johnson and Best Buy to provide this deal in exchange for the senior’s participation in a “randomized digital-health study.” The company providing the health study is called Heartline. According to Heartline, the study is to help Apple Watch detect irregular heartbeats/rhythm to prevent and detect strokes. Furthermore, Business Insider is reporting that the study will last a total of three years, being one of the longest digital-heart studies ever, which they said is according to CNBC.

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Tim Cook (Apple Inc. CEO) made a statement saying:

Apple technology is making a meaningful impact on scientific research through the powerful capabilities of iPhone and Apple Watch, all with privacy at the center of the participant experience,” Myoung Cha, Apple’s head of health strategic initiatives, said in a statement.

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Here are the requirements to be in the health study for anyone (who is a senior) who is interested.

  • People who are 65 or older
  • Have Medicare as their insurance
  • Has an iPhone 6s or newer

If you are selected to participate in this study and have been put into the group that uses the Heartline app AND Apple Watch (there are two groups. One for just using the Heartline app, and another for the use of the app and Apple Watch.) will be able to receive an extremely discounted Apple Watch Series 5*

If you would like to participate in the study, and you meet the requirements you can visit Heartline‘s website here:

*regular price of Apple Watch Series 5 is $399 (not including applicable taxes and shipping if selected delivery method.)