Love the feel of the AirPods case in your hands….

For those who are so lucky to own a pair of AirPods you will know how nice the case feels in your hands and you find yourself opening and closing the case to to hear that satisfying click just to upset the people with iPhones around you.

I know I do that often. But have you ever dropped your AirPods and your heart sits in your throat in that that moment between realising what you have done till the time you gather your AirPods. Again, you probably guessed it, i have.

So I looked at the iStores and some other shops all around when I travel in our beautiful country South Africa but all I could find was some really plain ones and almost all the time only for the AirPods, none for the AirPods Pro. So I decided to look online and to my surprise there are actually so many to choose from.

I know what you are thinking, these covers take away the feel of the AirPods but I would sacrifice that so that I do not damage my AirPods. I spent enough on them to wanna keep them safe.

There are some really cool 3D covers that you can show your personality. It is sometimes difficult to choose just one as they are actually very cool.

They are really cool in my opinion and they give some extra protection. Have you looked at them and if you have, share some pictures of yours.


I love tech but have a passion for Apple!