There has been lots of jailbreaking news for iOS 13, from Checkra1n to the new exploits found for UnCover.

What is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is when you, ” modify to remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or operator.” In this case, jailbreaking is done to better personalize the iOS used by Apple devices.

What is checkra1n? The checkra1n jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak that is different from the other jailbreaks we have seen in the past. This jailbreak is done through a hardware exploit that is available for Apple’s A7-A11 chip. Meaning it cannot be patched with an over the air update. This exploit was found and patched by Apple with its A12+ chips. Therefore all devices newer than the iPhone X, feature their new chips without the bug.

What does this mean for older, compatible devices? Basically, whenever Apple releases new software, checkra1n just needs to release an update of its own, and it will be jailbreakable. No need to wait for an exploit to be found. This is also helpful for newer devices that can’t take advantage of the checkra1n jailbreak, in making it easier to find an exploit in Apple’s software.

A12-A13 device jailbreak. With Apple’s new release of iOS 13.3.1, they revealed multiple exploits that were in iOS 13.3. Making it much easier for jailbreakers to start making a jailbreak. Jailbreak programmer @Pwn20wnd is already working with the new exploit to hopefully create a public jailbreak for iOS 13.3. There is currently no ETA for the new jailbreak, but his updates on twitter lead me to expect a jailbreak in less than a week.

Something to note about the new exploit is that the developers need to individually add each device and software type to the jailbreak. Meaning the best software to be on for A12-A13 devices is iOS 13.3. Apple is currently still signing iOS 13.3, so if you have already updated and would like to jailbreak. Downgrade ASAP.

For more information and quick updates. Follow “@pwn20wnd” on twitter, or visit “iCrackUriDevice” on Youtube.

UPDATE: @pwn20wnd has posted on his twitter account that he has added support for all A12-A13 devices. This means that in the coming days, there should be a released update for unc0ver featuring the new exploit.

** Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA. Discussing iOS Updates is LEGAL **