iOS 13.4 beta 1 was released by Apple shortly after the final version of iOS 13.3.1 was released. Apple included multiple new features and fixes.

New Memoji Stickers – Apple added 9 new stickers to use in iMessage with your customized Memojis. Those are all pictured below:

ALWAYS listen “Hey Siri” – In previous versions of iOS, the “Hey Siri” functionality would be turned off whenever your phone was covered, faced down, or in your pocket. In Apple’s new beta, they added an option in accessibility to turn this off, allowing you to take full advantage of “Hey Siri”. Another feature that has also been added to Siri, you can now ask her to go to your home screen.

Mail Toolbar rearranged – In previous iOS versions, the toolbar placed the delete and reply button right next to each other, causing lots of miss clicks. In the new beta, they have been separated to prevent this.

iCloud Drive folder share – previously featured in older beta versions, but removed from the final release. iCloud Drive folder share allows you to share a whole iCloud folder using just 1 link, like DropBox. You can also later see who you have invited to the folder, as well as who has already opened it. Additionally, you can remove access and set permissions for the people viewing and using your shared folder.

New VPN disabled animation – In the new beta, your status bar shows a new icon when you turn off or disable a VPN. Similar to the animation you see when your VPN is turned on.

New icon for Apple Music Lyrics – When you are listening to a song that has a long break in between lyrics, an ellipse animation will be shown to tell you that there are currently no lyrics being sung.

Shazam Shortcut – In Apple’s shortcuts app, there is now a command you can run to “shazam” a song, without needing Shazam installed.

Hardware Keymapping – In iOS 13.4 beta 1, you can remap modifier keys on your keyboard, to change them into other modifier keys. (ie. Command, Alt, Esc, etc.) The new beta also includes new keyboard shortcuts in the Photos application, to better navigate the application with a keyboard.

Carplay’s “Car Key” – iOS 13.4 references software that would allow some CarPlay compatible devices to be unlocked with your iPhone, and also Apple Watch. This would be a super cool new feature for CarPlay and iOS.

New Call controls and third-party navigation in CarPlay – There are no demonstrations about this yet, but we will definitely learn more about this in the future.

Family Sharing in TV app – this will allows family members to share subscriptions to Apple TV channels in the Apple TV app.

iOS 13 has brought lots of cool new features to the iPhone, this beta software shows nothing different. Keep checking back for news on the next beta for iOS 13.3.