In most cases, robberies happen in the middle of the night and to smaller businesses. However, the Apple Store was the target for a robbery during the day time while customers shopped, with later investigations finding around $7,000 worth of products were stolen. The robbery took place on Saturday, February 1st.

Berkeley Apple Store
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In a report by local news source, a customer who was in the store during the time of the robbery states “People in masks barged into the store. There was shouting and chaos and everyone rushed towards the back of the store.” There was no reports that these masked robbers were armed, or wanting to hurt anyone. As many can imagine, this can be a very intense, and scary situation. In addition, the situation could have escalated but fortunately, it didn’t.

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Berkeley Police Department did release a statement about the event, saying “When the security guard tried to block the suspects escape, the suspects pushed the guard out of the way,” This raises the question on whether or not Apple should provide more training for their store security guards regarding these kinds of situations, and maybe provide them more tools to potentially stop the suspects (such as providing pepper spray, etc.) In addition, Berkeley Police department released more details of the event. According to police, three masked individuals entered the Berkeley Apple Store at 1823 Fourth St. at around 6:20pm. During the incident, the individuals using gloves, masks, and overall dark clothing took devices from displays areas and then ran out of the store.

After initial reporting of the incidents, Berkeley Police have said they are treating this crime as a robbery, not a theft. For those who don’t know, there are different elements to a crime like this that can effect how and what police treat it as. One major deciding factor is how much the stolen goods were worth all together. Furthermore, there has been a total of 20 thefts and/or robberies at this store location in 2019. Six of those has been solved. What makes this recent robbery unusual is it happened during the day time, with customers in the store. It also is very daring for these individuals as this Apple store had glass walls, so anyone could have seen this go down, possibly getting a better description of the suspects. If there are any more developments in the case, we will update this store page on the bottom in bold.