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Samsung, being on of the major companies already out with a foldable phone, created a revolutionary product (with its own original issues but since then have been mostly fixed.) So to hear Apple considering doing the same thing shouldn’t be too surprising, however, Apple hasn’t really made a effort in years to try and create one (at least publicly.)

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Recently, one of Apples US Patients became available to the public today’s, granting Apple their own patent for a potential foldable phone product. In this patent, it states “An electronic device may have a flexible display that overlaps an axis.” It continues on with more vague specifications but intricate wording. What makes me (Max) think Apple hasn’t been too worried about pushing this product out is that they filed this patent or patents back on September 11th, 2015 and March 19th, 2016. Now, this doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t been working on this behind the scenes, but they have released many new products since 2015. Again, Samsung has already been able to develop their own version of the foldable phone, ALONG with a couple other new Samsungs that don’t fold.

Samsung’s Galaxy Foldable Phone
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With the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro being released and giving Apple records sales with its three camera large screen display, Apple would need to be able to incorporate everything their most recent phone has, the foldable ability, and a couple extra exclusive features in order to appease the large Apple consumers, without making them think they are downgrading to a less advanced options. For now, Apple customers will have to wait until more information on this becomes available either through other patents other means, or until Apple publicly comments on this.