The 2020 Annual Close The Rings Activity Challenge is postponed until later this month due to the excessive store, manufacturing and corporate office closures in China. The Activity Challenge is hosted every February for Heart Month alongside its separate Activity challenge made for the event, which is for all types of Apple Watch wearers. Employees have to close their rings once every day for the whole of February.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused Apple to close all store locations in China, including corporate offices and contact centres from February 1st to 9th. In a recent email sent to Apple employees, the email reads,

The Close Your Rings Challenge is one of those rare opportunities to bring team members and colleagues from around the world together with a common purpose to close our rings, earn some points, and have fun. With a number of our offices and stores closed in China right now and some of our team members unable to participate, we’ve decided to postpone 2020 Close Your Rings Challenge. At this time, our Challenge will be removed from the Challenges app.

We’ll update everyone as soon as we have a new date when we can all focus together in closing our rings!

All of the Chinese Apple Stores and corporate facilities are closed until the 9th of February next Sunday, which means that the Activity challenge will be enacted once all of the employees in China return to work. The challenge is not in the Activity app as of now until Apple rereleases it next week. On the other hand, like in the previous years, employees who complete the Activity challenge will receive a shirt with the 2020 wording on it in Apple’s San Francisco Rounded font.

(Image source: MacRumors)