Apple recently released a new software update, iOS 13.3.1, for all iOS 13 supported devices. This update just a small bug fix update, which has been very common since the very bug filled iOS 13.0 released in September of 2019.

iOS 13.3 had a bug in the Screen Time that allowed the user to get past the new communication limits–a new feature for iOS 13.3–without the user entering a passcode. This caused the new limits to be useless since the user could contact anyone without asking for permission.

Apple devices now have an option to control the location services for networking. To see this new option, Navigate to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services, and you will see a new toggle for “Networking & Wireless”. Turning this off may affect your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance, as well as performance on Apple’s new U1 chip on iPhone 11 devices.

When editing Deep Fusion photos on the iPhone 11, there is no longer a delay when entering that screen.

On devices experiencing issues with remote images loading in the mail application, even when the “Load Remote Images” toggle is disabled. That issue has been resolved. Mail has also received a bug fix, that stops multiple undo dialogs from appearing when you delete an email, then do the three-finger shortcut to undo.

On the iPhone 11, when facetiming, there was an issue that caused the iPhone to use the ultra-wide camera by default. This issue has now been resolved and set back to the 1x camera.

There was also a notification issue when your device was connected to Wi-Fi, some notifications would not be received by your device. That issue has now been fixed.

Some Carplay vehicles had problems where phone calls would be distorted. This is fixed in iOS 13.3.1. A new feature was also added to Apple’s HomePod, including new support for Indian English Siri voices.
iOS 13.3.1 was an important update towards having a fully stable iOS 13, but we can still look out for future iOS changes and fixes in the coming weeks. To see Apple’s Official Patch Notes, you may go to this link: