Apple on track to launch the 5G iPhones this year

According to apple-insider, Apple might split the launch of the iPhones. The slower 5G models in December and the faster 5G models in December this year or even early 2021.

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Susquehenna’s Hossein mentioned that Apple might make 52 Million slower 5G phones and around 8 Million of the faster mmWave iPhones.

“Apple has previously long been reported to be developing its own 5G modem. Initially reports claimed it would be ready by 2025, then estimates came down to 2022.

Following the recent settlement of legal disputes between the two companies, Qualcomm has reportedly been developing 5G “as fast as we can.” At the same time, Intel withdrew from 5G development and Apple subsequently bought that firm’s modem business.” According to Apple-Insider.


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