According to a report from Sensor Tower the global spent on the App Store on Christmas day 2019 reached a record $193 million.

Sensor Tower reports that the most was spent on games, as they believe many consumers received a gift card and new devices of the Christmas period.

The majority of mobile spending on Christmas, approximately $210 million, was focused on the Games category, which generated 76 percent of revenue across both stores and grew about 8 percent Y/Y from $195 million. PUBG Mobile from Tencent’s TiMi studio led in-game spending with $8.5 million, up 431 percent from the $1.6 million players spent in the game on Christmas 2018.” According to Sensor Tower.

“The ‌App Store‌ makes up a huge portion of Apple’s services business. It currently receives a 30 percent cut of all revenue that developers earn from the ‌App Store‌, with the exception of subscription apps. For apps where a customer maintains a subscription for more than a year, developers are entitled to an 85/15 split, with Apple taking a 15 percent cut rather than a 30 percent cut.” According to MacRumours.


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