On December 13th, 2016 Apple officially released “AirPods”, a revolutionary take on the wireless device industry, and the earbud/headphone industry. With over $6 BILLION dollars in revenue from AirPods alone, its clear why these wireless earbuds are popular. From the handiness of not having tangled wires, to being popular and part of the “rich” club that swept the nation by teenagers.

However, many of us, regardless of age, may not be able to afford Apples exact expensive models, especially Apples newest AirPods version the “AirPods Pro” which cost a whopping $249 (not to mention the shipping and/or tax). For some, this results in us looking at AirPod clones which are usually much cheaper then the real deal. Which brings us to the next question: is it worth it to go ahead and buy a knock off version, or save those pennies until we can buy the real deal. The answer to this question really depends on you. Below, I (Max) have given you my experience with the real AirPods (not AirPod Pro) and my experience with knockoff versions.

Image From: xiaomitoday.com

What To Look Out For

One of the most common things you will notice from AirPod clones/fakes is that they usually go by the name of “i TWS” and then a number after the “TWS” which is usually from 7-1000. This is because they don’t want to receive a copyright lawsuit from Apple, or if they are shipping overseas (such as from China to the USA) where Customs and Border Protection seize any counterfeit items, from fake designer goods to even fake electronic goods. By using a name like TWS and a random number, it ensures they can avoid any lawsuits or customs issues by making it seem like they are their own company using their own ideas and branding.

I (Max) have used two AirPods clones, from two different sellers. The first AirPods clone I used was called “i TWS 10.” These clones were from moweek.com and came from China, using USPS. Below I have attached the product image and description from their website. As you can see, these are almost identical. The only difference (which you wouldn’t be able to see if you used a AirPods case) is that they have green LED lights on the front, indicating the charging case battery. This would give it away that those are fake AirPods, but you can use a AirPods non-clear case and hide it very well. Another difference that you can’t see is that these TWS 10 have wireless charging, unlike the first generation real AirPods, this is a bonus. While these do look pretty close to the real Apple AirPods, these do not have in ear sensors, and you can’t customize the gestures on the Bluetooth page in the Settings app. You also can’t rename them. They will pop up as “iTWS 10.” However, if you don’t care about those flaws, and you used a AirPods case (by the way the AirPods and charging case of the TWS are the same size as the real deal) to cover the LEDs, then you could make it seem as though you have the real AirPods.

Second AirPods Clone

In a big upgrade from the iTWS 10s, I went over to knockies.com where they created their own clones (they designed it themselves, didn’t use pre-made AirPod clones) and released it at the end of 2019. I have attached below a picture of the product and it’s description from their website. Now, as you can see from these, they look EXACTLY like the AirPods. These, if you are willing to invest in a little more money (but still not nearly as much for official Apple AirPods) have a lot more features. Starting off first is that these are called “KP1.” Designed by Knockies, these clones contains all the standard AirPod features, but also now has in ear sensors. In addition, when the pop up window displays on your iPhone, it says “AirPods” and not some other weird name such as the TWS. Not to mention, at the time of writing this article (date of publish is at title of article) Knockies has also put up almost exact replicas of the new AirPods Pros, calling them “KP Pro.” The “KP Pro” is available for you to purchase at $89.99, which is over a $100 save versus the actual AirPods pro. (Note: The “KP Pro” does NOT have noise cancellation features.)


Based on my experiences, if you got the KP1s or even the KP Pros, you would overall have 95% of the great experience you would have with the actual original Apple AirPods. However, if you don’t mind saving your money and holding back, I definitely would recommend you save up and buy the actual ones. This is because if you can save up, and save up even MORE money, you should buy AppleCare and/or AppleCare+. This is basically your devices insurance. If your actual Apple AirPods or AirPods Pros get stolen, or damaged, Apple will replace it from little to no charge. You don’t need to get the AppleCare, but any damage or theft of your AirPods will have to be covered in full by you. Keep that in mind. If you have any more questions feel free to comment down below. A team member will get back to you as soon as they can. (NOTE: The iTWS 10 uses a USB C charger, while the KP1 uses a regular Apple lightning connector/charger.)