Apple has added a Christmas gifts webpage to their website. This year’s Christmas gift webpage is smaller than last year’s webpage and it also lacks the Christmas colours in it. In addition, the company also eliminated reviews from the Apple Online Store in November 16th after there was a lack of positive reviews for Apple products and accessories sold through the website.

To start it with, the 2019 Apple Christmas gift webpage has no categories for many types of iPhone and Apple users. Instead, the webpage is just one page with a straightforward list of Apple products, ranging from the iPhone 11 to the HomePod along with its accessories. The images lack Christmas colours, which includes only images of Apple products arranged as snowflakes, stars and the Apple Watches and AirPods as a clock. But, the preview images of the iPhone and iPad cases alongside Apple Watch bands, are in their Christmas colours.

Next off, Apple quietly deleted the reviews option from their online store. According to website archives, the review sections were pulled from the website on November 16th, on all listings of Apple products including third party accessories. This is due to the rising amount of negative reviews on the listings. For example, the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter has over 700 one-star reviews, despite that Apple accessories should have the best quality ever. Now users have to end up going to the Questions and Answers section if they want to know the quality of the product prior to buying it on But if you find the product sold on the Apple Online Store on another website, then you can still see reviews of it by different customers.

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