A man from New Jersey named James Prudenciano was saved by his Apple Watch Series 4 after falling down a cliff. He was hiking in the evening with his girlfriend, named Paige Paruso. The couple fell through the foliage than to the steep cliff and slid off to the Navesink River. When Prudenciano landed on the cliff, his Apple Watch automatically detected the fall and called emergency services and his emergency contacts.

Prudenciano and Paruso were in the Hartshorne Woods Park in New Jersey where the fall happened. It was dusk at that time and they couldn’t see where they’re going, which resulted in them to fall down the cliff and to the water. Prudenciano told News 12 the treacherous fall, which he said, “I looked down and I noticed it was a straight drop to rocks and water. We got to the bottom and that’s when it was life or death.” He predicted that the huge fall from the cliff would be deadly but when they landed, his Apple Watch detected the fall. It iMessage his mother about the fall and his location and called 911. The rescue team transported the couple by boat to the Hackensack Meridian Jersey Shore University Medical Center, where they were treated for their injuries.

Luckily, Paige Paruso hasn’t sustained severe injuries from the fall as she landed in the river, but James Prudenciano suffered 3 fractures to his back as a result of landing in the rocky ground. He would not make it alive without his Apple Watch Series 4, without Emergency SOS and fall detection. Their story will inform other Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 wearers how fall detection saved their lives from a long drop by the cliff and down to the river.