Almost exactly 2 years ago, Apple Via Santa Fe opened in Mexico City, Apple’s plans for its first store in Mexico was ambitious, with a custom mural to welcome creativity and a private Boardroom to welcome business customers. Now Apple is ready for something even greater. Apple Antara opened today, bringing Apple’s highest tier of retail design and the best of Today at Apple closer to the heart of Mexico City.

Apple Antara’s story is as much about the what’s outside the store as what’s inside. Trees, Stones benches, refection pool, flowers, and other tropical plans are scattered around the plaza in a pattern that appears organic but is carefully organized. To the right of the store’s entrance, more tree are wrapped by the stone planters doubling as additional seating. The Surroundings resemble an unban park on the edge of Antara Fashion Hall.

Like a park shelter, the store is open to its surrounding 23-foot glass doors side away to dissolve the entrance. Apple’s pavilion design allows the store to bolds with Downtown’s museums and Polanco’s city life in a way that an interior mall location like Via Santa Fe simply cannot.

Photos courtesy of Marco Aboytes

customers lined up on the Plaza for Apple Antara’s grand opening at 5 p.m., receiving souvenir toe bags with an illustrated Apple logo for Mexico City. Early visitors got a change to meet Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s SVP of Retail+People. A performance by Mexican singer-songwriter Girl Ultra celebrate the new store. Apple also created a special App Store store and Apple Music playlist to commemorate the opening.

If you live in the U.S., you might be familiar with the materials and design elements combined to create Apple Antara. But for Mexico, the experience is entirely new. Apple’s most significant stores reference its hometown style guide to drop little previews of Apple Park all across the world. We profiled more of the store design details in an earlier article.

Inside, Apple Antara is still very much an Apple Store, with the latest Avenue displays for iPhone 11 and a video wall and Forum for Today at Apple sessions as you’d expect. Concealed within the stone wall behind the Forum is a staircase leading down to Mexico’s Boardroom.

Apple Antara kicks off a series of five store projects being unveiled this weekend. Apple Fukuoka Shanghai iapm, Columbia, and Old orchard all reopen in new or remodeled spaces on September 28.