Apple released a statement yesterday about Google’s blog post regarding iOS security. Apple explains the impact of the vulnerabilities that affected the security of iPhone users, which affected a small number of websites. Here’s what Apple has to say about these malicious attacks and how they resolved the exploits.

To start it off, less than a dozen websites are impacted in the breach that affected the Uighur groups. Apple states that the exploit wasn’t really broad-based and only affected a narrow range of iPhones. The company said that Google lied about the mass exploitation that affected the security of the iPhone users significantly. This lead to the oppression of fear in numerous iPhone users, which they think their devices are compromised.

“The exploits lasted a short time, in two months,” Apple said. According to Google, they thought that the vulnerabilities will take two years to resolve it, but Apple didn’t prove Google’s theory on that. But, Apple resolves the breach in February following the issue in 10 days. Google reached out to Apple while Apple was resolving these bugs, despite the company didn’t even help out with the resolution of the issue.

The Cupertino firm has been taking security seriously, including when it comes to a breach or exploit. Security in iOS is unmatched because Apple takes end-to-end responsibility for the security of the software and hardware. Apple’s security teams are always working hard to protect and prevent the iOS software from getting vulnerabilities easily and patch them as soon as possible. They always keep the iOS software safe from intruders!

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