In a new report addressing Apple’s COO, Jeff Willimans, Bollomberg have talked about the Apple Watch disappointing sales on the highest end version at launch. 

First, before launch, employees testing the Watch received allergic reactions form the metal being used in the chassis- so this was changed and meant delays if release. In addition to this, the Taptic Engine was also altered, due to bad performance and continuous problems. 

The report also claims that the most- expensive Apple Watch model, the 18-karat gold, $10,000+, had veery disappointing sales, and sales dropped after just two weeks of release. They shipped in approximately “low tens of thousands”. This led Apple to kill this off from the lineup after just over one year. These models are actually obsolete now and cannot be upgraded from watchOS 4. 

The Apple Watch is now in the fifth-series. this year, and is available in multiple different finishes and different prices, although not the 18-karat gold one.